Light YOUR Flame With The Psychology of Shortcuts

Shapelinks from the EyeCandy Capital of the Internet, your own Psychology of Shapelinks,
where success is an identified goal a specific measured period of time from now.
Starting at the finish line, and working backwards just one step and another,
you find yourself where you are are right now, so you can live it forwards.
Shapelinks reveal the Psychology of Shapelinks to you, to help yourself,
because excellence has never repeated itself accidentally, has it?

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Share the Psychology of Shapelinks and Psychology of Longevity with YOUR intimates,
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for the Psychology of Shapelinks and Psychology of Longevity can be used by all.
The more we give away in life, the more that life repays our repeat generosity.
Empower people to empower themselves, effectively teaching us all to help.
The helpless of the world, whether creature or human, within air, sea, land,
all cry out to you to remediate the unconscionable greed of the wealthiest.

Share the Psychology of Shapelinks and Psychology of Longevity today.
Help to even out Life's playing field, living a life that lives beyond you.
How you spend your minutes shows how you're spending your life.
You get to double all results every hundred tries or so if you wish.
All masters of success prove out these master secrets of life.
The more you reach to help others, the more life reaches you.
Before you do more, cease pretending that you know more.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, correct?
Act the way you want to be to become the way you act.
When you imitate the great masters of this universe,
you imitate the results of these great role models.
PowerGems are of the masters of this universe.
You know more than those who still do more?
Speaking less, and doing more, is yours.
Share the Psychology of Shapelinks.
Let us even the playing field.

Build a torch of aqua, hold it high to see,
ignite the flame that burns within,
illuminating YOUR history.

Build a candelabra,
let it be your guiding light,
all the hopes and dreams inside,
carry all your energy, light it up so bright


Great Shortcuts Are Here For YOU

Shapelinks for this and Shapelinks for that,
just like shortcuts for this and shortcuts for that,
learn to pull shapelinks from your sleeve or your hat.
Shortcuts exalt us through every feat of our lives,
shortcuts of uncles and husbands and wives.

Longshoremen, dancers, dilettante romancers,
all are using shortcuts to find better answers.

Use your Shapelinks, the best that you have,
use them with pride to brighten your lives.
There is no shame in shortcuts,
there is no game in shortcuts,
they simply provide us
with passage through doorways.

Grounded eagles, corporate thieves,
angelic doctors, pontifical proctors,
all use shortcuts to achieve their means,
action trumps the fiction of your hill of beans.
It all comes to naught when it's you that you serve,
wake up use your shortcuts if you still have the nerve.
Through all things human within our lives and without,
you'll find yourself using shortcuts, without any doubt.
Just use them for all, spreading waves of devotion.
for shortcuts prevent the solipsitic notion.
Shortcuts and secrets, shortcuts and more,
you will find your Shapelinks
pry open that door.

Shapelinks Redux - Still For You

Shapelinks, Shapelinks
Diving deeper into the Psychology of Shapelinks
Shapelinks, that's who I am
Shapelinks, happy as I can.

Believe it when you're told that you shall join the holy fold,
when you use your Shapelinks, to find that knowledge yet unfurled.
Shapelinks shine a new light, one you've not seen before,
Such as asking more people more times for what you want,
Thanks to Shapelinks, which teach that much more.

Shapelinks, right in your hand,
Shapelinks, aren't they grand?
Don't bother with the little words,
Your brain is much better than that,
and with one hundred seven million lenses per eye,
you'll find you don't miss them, for your mind is that phat.

As long as you re-write, within the hour,
in words you would teach a child,
you will find you remember three times as much,
adding to each of your piles and smiles.
Shapelinks, Shapelinks, all that is mercy and mild,
Shapelinks, for adventure-seeking knights,
will take you to places you could not have devised.
Shapelinks will strengthen your floors,
shine light on the darkest of unexplored moors.
Shapelinks, not for snoring old boors,
Shapelinks will open more doors.
Shapelinks for knowledge to pour,
Shapelinks always bring much more.

Considering that the Psychology of Longevity is presented to you as one of the world's healthiest websites,
where the Psychology of Shapelinks offers the Shapelinks to success used by masters and millionaires,
combining together to pursue the concept of being the world's healthiest and wealthiest websites,
you may actually be bright enough to understand that none of this wisdom, at the end of the day,
is the wisdom of MisterShortcut. These are the methods of the most successful human beings,
those who live stronger for longer, those who use Shapelinks to succeed more...
The brilliance of MisterShortcut, in fulfilling Einstein's definition of genius,
... the willingness to take an infinite number of pains
an infinite number of times,

you may deign to learn more at the Psychology of Longevity in order to learn more, live more and give more.
A goal of the Psychology of Longevity is for you to find the healthiest shortcuts and health tips of Longevity,
in order to for you to live healthier and wealthier, live happier and more fulfilled with these healthier tips.
The Psychology of Longevity is a big portion of the largest and most empowering Psychology of Shortcuts.
Great leaps come from great tiny leaps. What will you repeat today? How will  Y O U   be greater?


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The Psychology of Shapelinks is your top-notch source for self-empowerment shortcuts, from the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These prove to be the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and certainly YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Psychology of Shapelinks is here for your life.
Shortcuts unlock most every venue on earth, when you train, and use the PowerGems most of all.

Shapelinks - Psychology of Shapelinks Shapetalk Poem

Shapelinks can make you happy, Shapelinks yield up that smile,
one so sweetly contagious, although you've known it not, this while.
Please teach us about the Shapelinks, and the words between each line,
where the great way of Shapelinks wisdom, casts a spell so serene, Divine.
There's just no way that man can say, how Shapelinks seem to find their way.
The Psychology of Shapelinks, in all it's joy, assure you that Shapelinks are no toy.
Shapelinks might be bumpy roads, and then Shapelinks might keep some circles closed,
and still when it's counted, that row got hoed, and proof is in the magic, just one part of the show.
When the answers and the questions get too blurry to be seen,
in silent focus of greater moments, Shapetalk proves itself as it seems;
the solutions that you knew at once, prove inaction to hallmark the dunce...
and yet we hear you remonstrate, even as your actions fail to demonstrate,
that you still possess the knowledge that strips away your greatest sorrows.
Add the Shapelinks magic, what we see and what we don't, if and but are words for then, when you really won't.

So, we've yet to see you demonstrate, the Shapelinks deep inside you how and when its form YOU take.
Shapelinks is that choice for laughter, Shapelinks show how much you matter,
and then when you care enough to let it out, your soul inside shouting out:
Where goes YOUR sweet Shapelinks, where's the best we'll see in you,
will the druthers of the moment drown all the greatest of your truths?
Look inside these Psychology of Shapelinks Shapelinks, and again.
You ARE the living truths of your own Psychology of Shapelinks.

Psychology of Shapelinks - Psychology of Longevity Shapelinks.

Shapelinks and Shapetalk all in a row,
just to see which way, Shapetalk will grow.
Like an art rising up, from shadows not seen,
Shapelinks and Shapetalk, an artist's living dream.
Regard even silly Shapetalk, as a guide all your own,
wisdom beneath each Shapetalk, aims to guide you home.
Reach into Shapetalk, and Shapelinks, too, let it help you out,
for the Psychology of Shapelinks is here, to help you work it all out.
No errata: The Psychology of Shapelinks? Shapetalk Shapelinks Capital.

Plus, The Psychology of Longevity !

With all the wealth residing in your Psychology of Shapelinks,
the single largest part of great wealth is enjoying great health.
So far, the Psychology of Longevity still proves to be healthier.

Great health is little more or less, than what we choose to eat,
most are shocked to learn how much damage we do with heat.
Did you know that most every food, cooked past ninety-nine,
has lost all the enzymes that were built into the food,
and ergo, cannot hope to do you much good?
Raw is what we should and could,
Go ahead, look, see under the hood,
learn more, then, if and when you would,
uncooked food is where health and nutrition will meet.

Did you know, when you're observing, any super-centenerians,
you'll notice their commonalities are few, often enough to be true,
they nearly all smoke for seventy-plus years, and drink olive oil, yes it's true!
Invest your closest attention to those who live their own Psychology of Longevity
Those living stronger for longer know better, and know more... than all scientists combined.
Only those who do it best prove to know it best. Everyone else benefits by listening carefully.
The Psychology of Longevity is a living imitation of people who are living stronger for longer.
The Shapelinks and other EyeCandy are here to help you even up the playing field of your life.

On ShapeTalk Secrets
Psychology of Shapelinks

Secret shapetalk, in your ear,
shapetalk meant, for you, my dear.
It's a visual thing, for most cannot hear,
the secrets of shapetalk, until it's made clear.

Secret ShapeTalk, from masters and champions, those who do the best,
read 'twixt the lines, for the secrets in ShapeTalk, then you'll see the rest.

Secret shapetalk, from a genuine seer,
shapetalk intended, to instruct YOU, dear.
It gets visual because, we still refuse to hear,
the secrets of shapetalk, until it's rendered clear.

Secret ShapeTalk, from masters and champions, those who show the rest,
Look for the secrets in ShapeTalk, to know, just how to become your best.

Find that the Psychology of Shapelinks is packed with secret ShapeTalk,
for ShapeTalk secrets at the Psychology of Shapelinks can be found.



The Psychology of Longevity

You've reached the world's largest naturopathic website,
which may or may not include a claim to consider it the world's healthiest website.
Filled with the wealthiest and healthiest shortcuts of top achievers and winners,
the proven longevity secrets of those who live stronger longer, and naturally,
it has been designed for your life, with Mr-Shortcut, Godfather of EyeCandy

The Psychology of Longevity and Shortcuts is HUGE
Tap any letter, number or character on your keyboard to fly to another Mr-Shortcut website of empowerment and EyeCandy

Psychology of Shapelinks Shapelinks and Shapetalk
Where Shapetalk Contains PowerGems - Shortcuts,
Shapelinks lead us to shapetalk and shortcuts


QRA & the Psychology of Longevity
With respect to the Psychology of Longevity,
there is no test on earth found to be more useful,
or, more non-invasively accurate to any practitioners,
than the QRA testing done by well-trained QRA practitioners.
The more you learn, the better your decisions usually tend to be.
Learn what QRA is, so that you can use QRA for the rest of your life.

QRA Practitioners Have YOUR Game-Changing QRA

If you appreciate the gift of many people of genius who wish to help you help yourself, learn QRA testing.
You immediately develop a no-doubt-about-it increased control of your health and life, to use all your lifetime.
Nothing in any test you have ever known of can prepare you for the astonishing and permanent power of QRA.
If you are not too stupid, you can forever understand how to test EVERY food or item coming into or near you.
As elegant as QRA is, even young children can EASILY be trained to do QRA testing rapidly, and accurately.
The Psychology of Longevity avers that YOU, doing QRA at home, preclude need of many appointments.
A one-second bidigital test, an exponential expansion of Dr. Omura's GENIUS-like patented BDORT.
Everyone who can make an "0" with two fingers, anyone who can gently pull it apart as your resist,
has achieved fully half of what QRA testing is, bless Marshall & Forbes for THEIR flavor of genius.

Hold your ring finger and thumb in the shape of an "O"...
and resist as someone else gently pulls it apart.
When both of you see approximately how much strength it takes to pull them apart just a bit,
you have your "zero point," also referred to as a "baseline" for testing all items, including you.
This is the first and most important lesson of how to do QRA on your own, albeit a bit amateurishly.
The more you practice QRA testing, the better you become at doing your own QRA testing, so, practice!

    Each website offers you a different coign of vantage. Millions of content-rich, unique and relevant pages for YOU.  
The Psychology of Shapelinks and Psychology of Longevity share millions of pages, more than you will read throughout your lifetime
If you are trained and inclined to respect the findings and opinions of world-class masters, you will surely want to learn about QRA.
Nothing in the experience of people with astronomical IQ's can compare to the accuracy and utility, day-to-day usefulness, of QRA.
If you get nothing else from these millions of pages from the Psychology of Longevity and beyond, at least learn QRA for yourself.
Who embraces the Psychology of Longevity embraces QRA, and support Marshall and Forbes for a Nobel Peace Prize, for QRA. - Acronymically, QRA stands for Quantum Reflex Analysis, in the Psychology of Longevity list of Top 12 Innovations of the Century - Who practices QRA says, "QRA me," to QRA practitioners, to identify exactly what's weak, and what nutrition remediates that weakness
Q-R-A.US - More potent, and utile information on Q-R-A, tools enhanced by Marshall, Forbes, Cohen, from the foundation of Dr. Yoshikio Omura's BDORT - Regarding healthier nutrition, the name of the Psychology of Longevity favorite approach is QRA, also considered nutrition for the 21st century - While QRA appointments are now available globally via Dr. Cohen's office, QRA hails from Austin, Texas. Psychology of Longevity nod to Austin - Counting several hundred trained QRA practitioners, more QRA practitioners will be learning Dr. Cohen's QRA, with instant growth as QRA experts - Practitioners of QRA in New York, NY and environs - The Psychology of Longevity way is Quantum Reflex Analysis. Learn all about QRA at - Book QRA appointments with an expert QRA practitioner now. Learn what the Psychology of Longevity calls "body knowledge"-- QRA Practitioner - Most all but the last health challenge has proven, safer answers. The Psychology of Longevity recommends QRA practitioners. Save your own life - The best doctors in the world surely are QRA Practitioners, if not QTA1 practitioners - Safer, natural, healthier, QRA is the hands-down winner

The Psychology of Longevity assures and warrants that QRA is YOUR game-changer.
Even younger children can learn to do this one-second bidigital test, for everything.
Food & clothing, glasses, shoes, beds, linens, even buildings for rent or for sale.
Your money is no good here, it would, justifiably, toss stones at credibility.
Learn QRA for yourself so that you can use it profitably for your lifetime. - New York   New Jersey, Austin, Texas, Georgia - QRA appointments - 1-888-600-4888 - QRA appointments suggested by the Dr David Cohen Pathway. - You can call 1-888-6004-888 from anywhere in the U.S.A. to talk with the nation's greatest, most advanced of QRA practitioners, trained in Texas - Credit to all QRA practitioners who remain focused on kai-sen - unceasing improvement, David Cohen proved the best of all QRA practitioners - Of all the tests you take in your life, it is likely that QRA Testing is more important than any other, because QRA is the single most accurate of tests - Everyone knows good tests. QRA testing is, by far, the single most accurate test you have ever encountered in health. QRA testing is all that.
A thousand medical devices cannot reveal more personal information about you and your state than one skilled quantum reflex analysis expert
The Psychology of Longevity pleads with you, for the sake of your health and longevity, and those you love,
learn about quantum reflex analysis, the one set of thoughts and tools that every human being needs to have
and to employ fully in order to benefit fully from this one-second bidigital test. - From your first QRA testing, QRA practitioners give double the satisfaction and double the satisfaction.

Training for QRA testing is rather easy. Most people who attend QRA training need just the one lesson to learn.
Yes, those who go for QRA Level II and QRA Level III training learn fantastic old-time and new-age secrets.

What makes them stand out so much more than most of what you encounter is the INSTANT proof of QRA.

As you practice QRA testing with your family and friends, you will be training THEM in QRA, to use for life.
Considering all of the foolish training we undergo in life, QRA training to do QRA testing, is for YOUR best. - Call 1-718-972-1616 in the NY, NJ, CT, MA region for your QRA Test, or 1-888-6004-888 from anywhere in the United States. QRA testing is best. - Make no mistake: A thousand medical doctors have ZERO tools as accurate, non-invasive, and useful, as QRA testing. QRA appointments rule! - Good health is not accidental. With QRA Training, and QCI (or more-powerful QVial) of supercharged minerals, use QRA for the rest of your life!
Everything great in life has a "catch." The catch to QRA is that the person doing the testing must be strong at GV20.
Also easy to test in a single second, testing strong at GV20 assures consistent, reliable accuracy in QRA testing.
GV20 is located at the highest point on the head, lined up with the top of the ears. Easy, simple, accurate.
20 seconds of PRL's QCI, or one-tenth of a second of our QVials, and all points temporarily strengthen.

So, why does the Psychology of Longevity give such inordinate respect to expert QRA practitioners?
Do QRA practitioners have training and testing that favor accuracy more than allopathic methods?

Of all the Psychology of Longevity subjects you may choose to engage, always prioritize QRA.
There is nothing like it for instantly testing weakness and strength, in yourself, and far more.
Whether you join the ranks of America's premier expert QRA practitioners, Level III, etc.,
(you should know that not all expert QRA practitioners are Texas-trained, learning solo),
or just simply learn to use the one-second bigidital test brilliantly taught by Dr. Omura,
be sure you understand that QRA is among the five most powerful tools of your life.
The Psychology of Longevity urges you to try at least one expert QRA practitioner.
Your life will never be the same, with benefits that will delight and please you.
This is not about the QRA practitioners, however expert each may prove to be.
The Psychology of Longevity urges you past consults with QRA practitioners,
by learning to be at least a home-spun version of expert QRA practitioners.

This QRA directory for the Psychology of Longevity, and Shapetalk, EyeCandy, etc.,
and all the thousands of MisterShortcut health and wealth websites, and shortcuts,
is brought to you by the Psychology of Longevity and the Psychology of Shapelinks

Callers speak with Dr. Cohen personally at 1 (888) 600 - 4888
Your first in-office consult includes our free gift for life of the $89 QVial minerals,
supercharged as never before in history, making EVERY body point test stronger.
Although the effect is temporary, bioavailability of nutrition is tempoarily at its greatest

We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
One closing thought about a matter of great import to the Psychology of Shortcuts:
You already know that what goes around comes around, as in “What goes up…”
Clickthrough to TheHungerSite, once for each day you get to live and breathe.
When you save dozens & then hundreds of lives, luck tends to transmogrify.
All that we do comes back to us over and again, good, bad, or indifferent.
Delight in how profoundly, how repeatedly your life is rapidly enriched.
You need not believe the Psychology of Shortcuts or any one human.
The best way to confirm or deny a fact is to replicate it, repeatedly.
Click through to TheHungerSite and related HELPING websites.
AnimalRescue and RainForest, ChildHealth, or LiteracySite.
Enjoy for yourself the sweet fruits of imitating champions.

Kindly remember to feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.

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Corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food in exchange for our free clicksthroughs. It's that easy.
When you click this food button and the one you'll see next you actually save a human life... at no charge to you.
For those who do not care for starving humans, neglected and abused animals get fed with a single clickthrough.


How's THIS for universal shortcuts and their impact?
100 clicks, 100 days, 100 lives saved, and repeatable. Whoah.
As with every act of anonymous kindness you commit, YOU win.
Newton's 3rd Law delivers solidly enough for YOU to use repeatedly.
As we all do, you will experience some of your life’s greatest feelings.
For applause, you can sign up at & total your clickthroughs.
It's quite a feeling when you realize you have saved hundreds of lives.
You are smart enough to know that Newton's Law works consistently.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.
Join with the Psychology of Shortcuts, solving problems,
one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called “PowerGems.”


TAGS: Shapelinks Corner
Description = Shapelinks EyeCandy carries us into the best secrets and shortcuts of masters and millionaires.
Psychology of Shapelinks. MisterShortcut Shapelinks are EyeCandy innovations to entice and interest the inner you.
Best Secrets and Shortcuts To Success, using EyeCandy Shapelinks to assist you in generating your best results.

An extended abstract would describe this as a web page with Shapelinks EyeCandy to introduce you to the Psychology of Shapelinks,
engaging, employing, using the best secrets shortcuts, masters and millionaires,
Psychology of Shapelinks, MisterShortcut Shapelinks.

Page-topics include Shapelinks EyeCandy, which are interactive, and how to succeed,
making use of the best secrets shortcuts, masters and millionaires. Introducing the Psychology of Shapelinks. MisterShortcut Shapelinks

Keyphrase = Shapelinks EyeCandy, best secrets shortcuts, masters and millionaires, Psychology of Shapelinks, MisterShortcut Shapelinks,
how to succeed, using the best secrets, making use of the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, how to succeed,
succeeding at everything, imitating masters and millionaires,

Keywords include Shapelinks EyeCandy, best secrets shortcuts, masters and millionaires, Psychology of Shapelinks, how to succeed, MisterShortcut,
interactive, EyeCandy Shapelinks, how, to, succeed, at, everything



In pursuit of being YOUR greatest source of QRA information,
from QRA testing and QRA training to consulting QRA practitioners,
the Psychology of Longevity presents even more QRA websites for learning.

Whether your book your QRA appointments with QRA practitioners, such as Dr. Cohen,
or whether you go to Austin, Texas to obtain QRA training for you and perhaps your family,
there is no test on earth more important to our health and longevity than one-second QRA testing.

Learn more so you can live more, because the more we learn, the better our decisions tend and prove to be. - With advanced technologies, QRA appointments are now available anywhere in the world. Expert QRA practitioners use Bodyscan AND QRA. - New Jersey or New York, NY, Austin, Texas, or Maryland, NH, California, ANYWHERE nationally, 1 - 888-600-4888 for your QRA Appointment - 718-972-1616 For QRA Appointments In Brooklyn, Manhattan, NY, New Jersey, NJ, anywhere in the nation, the best QRA appointments

The Psychology of Shortcuts supports having a backup plan.
Thus, the Psychology of Longevity offers more QRA
Sharing YOUR Greatest Game-Changer, QRA - From the Dr David Cohen Pathway, an opinion: Top doctors are those doctors trained as QRA practitioners - If QRA is to change the world forever, the Psychology of Longevity promulgates QRA around the world - Since Dr. Cohen is a QRA practitioner, it made sense to add QRA Practitioners information to his naturopathic websites - QRA in New York via David Cohen, Psychology of Longevity naturopath, Level III QRA practitioner, helping thousands of people - Can you learn too much about quantum reflex analysis? QRA proves to be the most accurate test you will ever learn

Callers who have questions ready can speak with Dr. Cohen personally at 1 (718) 972 -1616

For the greatest health, how about the greatest restraint in diet? How about greatest attitudes that promote heart health?
To be the greatest of the great within the universe of you, you must agree to learn more, so you can learn to live more.

The greatest of the great do not get to be the greatest by accident. Learn most from the greatest results,
imitating only the greatest of the greatest in whatever field of effort you may focus your mind upon.

The Psychology of Shapelinks, and it's "mother," the Psychology of Shortcuts,
welcome you into not merely the Shapelinks Capital; even more, into YOUR adventure,
one of your most exciting adventures of self-empowerment and accelerated achievement.
Always look inside of and beyond Psychology of Shortcuts Shapelinks to find your PowerGems.